Regular Services, Membership & Library

  Weekly Services

SUNDAYS:          6.30pm Divine Service

MONDAYS:         2.15pm Clairvoyance   4.15pm - 6.00pm Healing

WEDNESDAYS:   7.00pm Clairvoyance or Open Circle

THURSDAYS:      1.00pm - 5.00pm Healing

SATURDAYS:       6.30pm Clairvoyance



Why not join us and enjoy the love and friendship to be found in our church? Becoming a member enables you to enjoy discounted admission fees on special events/evenings and to vote at AGMs.

Application forms are available and fees for annual membership are £3.00 per year and payable to the membership Secretary - Brian Neale. Once your application is accepted by the Committee of Trustees, you will issued with a membership card and a copy of Church rules and constitution.


  Spiritual books & Meditation CDs

Books and CDs are available for members to borrow for 50p each for 2 weeks. Refund of 25p payable upon return.


  Raffle donations

We are always grateful for donations to support the church raffles. These may be given to any trustee of the church.