Poems & Reflections

‘Angel In disguise’


Angels give us love and kindness  -

Around us every single day,

They come in all different guises –

Helping & guiding in many ways.


You may not see the wings that flutter,

Their garb is not always as it seems,

In ragged clothes, in doorways or in the gutter

But nothing hides those radiant beams.


They come in service for every minute

Not just for those with psychic sight

They are also seen by those of finer spirit,

in all shades of black & white


For those when life’s stresses gets too much -

When days are hard and you want to hide

Strain your feelings, sense their touch

Remember they are there, by your side


You’ll never feel lonely in their presence –

For you that means all-of-the-time,

Just sit there quietly without speaking,

Their whispers warm and cooling at the same time


You may be wondering just who they are,

You may try to guess from whence they came,

From tree lined avenues and heavens far?

What after all, is in a name?


But love is their mission from the start

They give & expect nothing in return,

No glory, no ego – from the purest heart

Helping us each day to feel & learn.


So when you meet that humble person

You give no second look – nor fond good byes

Don’t judge so quick or be too certain

It may be your angel, in disguise!