Spiritual healing is a very important part of our church. It is a form of healing using forces and energies from the world of spirit, channelled through the healer by the laying on of hands on or near the body, prayer or the direction of thought from a distance.

Absent healing through thought and prayer can be offered to those who are unable to attend a healing session and there is a healing book for entries for absent healing in the church. You are welcome to add anyone’s name (or a pet) who you feel would benefit from healing thoughts.

There is no charge for healing, but all donations to the church are gratefully accepted.

Spiritual healing takes place at the church on:

Monday afternoons from 4.15pm until 6.00pm 

Thursday afternoons from 1.00pm until 5.00pm 

All healers at the healing sessions are accredited by/registered with a recognised Healing body/organisation.